Schengen from Outside

Schengen from Outside

The Stefan Batory Foundation organised a consultation in order to urge visa-free travel for Eastern neighbours of the EU at the headquarter of the foundation in Warsaw on 25-26 November 2010. Jerzy Celichowski represented HES at the event. As a result of the meeting, the Hungarian Europe Society joint the Coalition for a European continent undivided by visa barriers. The objective of the coalition is to promote visa-free travel for the citizens of the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia.

Warszawa? A po co tam jechaæ? (Warsaw? Why should we go there?) an interview with Iván Tosics conducted by Jerzy Celichowski, both MET members.

Europe Society is a member organisation, issued a statement on 7 June 2011 calling on the Polish EU Council Presidency to ensure that the process leading toward a visa-fee travel regime for the Eastern Partnership countries is "merit-based, guided by a set of objective benchmarks, strict but...

Hungary in the Schengen system - Bastion or Gateway? the booklet published by the Hungarian Europe Society on the visa issuance practice in Hungary can be downloaded below.

The Hungarian Europe Society organised a workshop together with the Stefan Batory Foundation, Warsaw, the Association for International Affairs, Prague and the Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Bratislava entitled "V4 and Eastern Neighbours: Schengen and Its Impact on...

The Hungarian Europe Society organised an international workshop on European policy issues on 4 December 2009 in Budapest.

The program of the workshop

Tamás Molnár was interviewed by InfoRádió after the workshop

Pictures of a Workshop