Jerzy Celichowski

 Jezry - kép
Date and place of birth: 4 April 1965, Poznan, Poland
Languages: Polish (native), English, Hungarian, Russian, basic German
- MSc in Political Economy of Transition in Europe, LSE 2001 -MSc in International Relations and European Studies, CEU 1998 -BSc in Printing Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, 1990

Fields of interest: international relations of the EU, civil society, information society, citizen media, social software
Work: Project Manager at Statlogics, Budapest
Selected publications:
- Od feminizmu do nacjonalizmu (From feminism to nationalism), Wysokie Obcasy, the Women’s Supplement of Gazeta Wyborcza, 3 November 2009.
- 'Kadaryzm ma siê dobrze' interview with Péter Tölgyessy, Gazeta Wyborcza, 22.9.07,76842,4510457.html
- ''Civil Societies in Post-communist Europe - historical legacies and isolation' in Finn Heinrich Volkhart (ed.): The Global Report on the State of Civil Society
- ''Posledniy pamyatnik Stalinu v Budapeshte', 30 oktyabra No 65 2006
- Localise! Newforge,
- ‘Civil Society in Eastern Europe: Growth without engagement’ in Marlies Glasius, David Lewis, Hakan Seckinelgin (eds.): Exploring Civil Society: Political and Cultural Contexts, London: Routledge, 2004 - ‘Potêga jednego procentu’, Gazeta Wyborcza, 14.2.01
- ‘Poland: after glastnost’, The Bookseller, 15.09.00
- ‘Rok czytelnictwa na Wêgrzech’, Notes Wydawniczy Nr 9 (101), September 2000 -‘Wêgrzy we Frankfurcie’, Notes Wydawniczy Nr 2 (94), February 2000